Stephen McCarthy, PA-C

Psychiatry & Medical Weight Loss located in Center Valley, PA

About Stephen McCarthy, PA-C

Stephen McCarthy, PA-C, is a Lehigh Valley native and addiction medicine specialist who brings his experience as a psychiatric physician’s assistant to PA Treatment Center in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. Stephen enjoys working with people of all ages, including teens and the elderly, in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues, like anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

Since graduating from DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, with a master’s degree in physician assistant studies, Stephen has focused on helping patients in the Lehigh Valley with their mental health issues to improve their quality of life.

Stephen continues to serve as a mentor for new physician assistants and nurse practitioners in the area. Together with nurse practitioner Justin Rohrback, CRNP, FNP-BC, RN, CST, he focuses on designing care plans for those living with mental health or substance abuse issues. He also specializes in men’s health services, GeneSight® psychotropic testing, vitamin therapies, and weight loss.

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